Lesson 101: Web Design Facts For This Fast-Paced Economy

Online world is tough to venture. You will need to tackle the right strategies to achieve the best results. Web design belongs to the hardest aspect that should be achieved without fail because its quality will define the success of your site. However, some cases suggest that people most likely pay attention to the web development and applications rather than web design. Without further ado, let’s tackle the importance of web and graphic design towards the future of your site.


Fact # 1:

Let’s put things this way, you are reading a newspaper without graphics and format. What would you feel? It would be totally misleading. Without fail, that same thing is applicable for web designs. If the web design is properly structured, online users will get attracted to your site resulting in increasing in ROI. Content quality won’t even help if the web design is considered as a failure.

Fact # 2:

How can you possibly grab the attention of visitors despite all the ranging number of websites we currently have? Simple! Avoid hurrying the design process of your website so as not to compromise the outcome, which will surely lead to total failure.

Fact # 3:

Graphic Design is the process of obtaining the right manner for each principles and elements of visual arts mainly to attain functional and pleasing personality of websites. Since this formula is not accurate to all websites, it is said that there are no right formula to comprehend this thing. There’s no consistency towards the entire process and everything solely depends on the attitude, motives and personality of the designer.

Fact # 4:

First impression lasts. This is true even for web and graphic designs. During the first time that visitors visit your website, it’s the time for them to decide whether to become an avid fan of your site or stay away from it.

All the facts mentioned above clearly defines the importance of web design to the growing online competitors. There are different characteristics of web design but they have a common denominator; simple, attractive and user-friendly web design is the best among the rest.

 Interesting Facts about Web Design

Web design is a huge industry today. With trillions of active websites on the Internet and thousands being added every day, it is no doubt that web designers are in massive demand. Here are some interesting facts about this creative field of work.

Fact 1: Web design is more than just design  

Web design is not restricting to design alone. Search engine optimisation is also one of the major components of a website design. This calls for knowledge about web development languages as well as SEO principles.

Fact 2: Flash is outdated

Nobody grudges the fact that Flash programming makes a website interesting and visually appealing.

Fact 3: 4 seconds is the load time limit

Any web site that takes more than four seconds to begin loading is a failed design because it cannot retain the visitors’ interest.

Fact 4: A good website presents what a visitor wants to find

A good website features important content as the most prominent part of the page. Flashy animations, ads and images can cause an increase in the bounce rate if they take centre stage.

Fact 5: Visitors like lively images

A study conducted on the attention that visitors pay to different elements in a webpage showed that visitors like web pages with photographs of people, animals and birds, rather than cartoon figures or stick images.

Fact 6: Design is based on future needs and maintenance

The design of a website depends on the future goals of the website owners as well as on who takes up maintenance. One example of an inclusion that could depend on these factors is the easy installation of add-ons and plugins.

Full article here : http://snip.ly/7awni


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