The Evolution of Web Design and The Help OF Technology To Achieve It

Wireless internet providers and mobile devices are two of the latest innovation in technology that has brought new life to the web design Dubai. Because of these technologies, it doesn’t really matter where you are. As long as you have handy devices, web designers can still work even with their remote location. This proves that technology is giving so much convenience and productivity towards the mobile workforce. Experts tried to explore several technology advances to determine the effective introduction of the mobile workplace.

The Evolution of Mobile Web Designthe-history-of-web-design_502916d26087a_w1500

The effectiveness of any mobile technology lies beneath its ability to access the internet through it. Mobile devices won’t achieve its full potential without an internet connection. So to assist anyone who needs the internet in any location, online websites made a compilation of internet service providers by zipping code. Web designers can connect to the internet once the provider is found, making their website design Dubai work productively all along.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design uses a combination of images that contains media queries. The concept is mainly based on the size of the viewport. With responsive web designs, you won’t need to separate mobile devices because the web design Dubai will do it right.

Challenges of Responsive Web Design

Designers encounter numerous challenges and that includes third-party widgets, application design, and URL Structure. These challenges are triggered because responsive web designs don’t provide solutions for images. This serves as a huge challenge to designers.


Since responsive web design offers numerous advantages, experts are developing techniques to further resolve the issues surrounding RWD. Numerous written documentation that challenges that affects the overall performance of Mobile First Responsive Design style sheet. Experts should address these issues to further enhance the effectiveness of this new mobile technology in website design Dubai.


All these things, it greatly proves the rightful advancement of web design Dubai in the current era. In line with these advancements are problems that need to be handled properly.

A brief history of web design for designers

My interest in coding my designs was lost at the moment I realized how much trickery had to be done to make it happen. Seemingly simple issues could be solved in so many ways. Yet it still might not have worked on some browsers.
One thing that always made me wonder is why there’s a division between design and code. Why difficult things become simpler, but simple things become more difficult?
So instead of debating whether designers should learn code or developers should learn design, let’s set some common ground on how the design for the web evolved and how we could bridge the gap between code and design.

The dark ages of web design (1989)

Tables – The beginning (1995)

JavaScript comes to the rescue (1995)

The golden era of freedom – Flash (1996)

CSS (1998)

Mobile uprising – Grids and frameworks (2007)

Responsive web design (2010)

The times of the flat (2010)

The bright future (2014)

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