Gain More Traffic In Your Blog Through These Conventional Techniques

Blogging continues to grow amidst the challenging environment of self-confessed compulsive bloggers and the large pool of high-end web design Dubai. With those corporate organizations starting to comprehend the positive features of blogging, they’ve come to realize that blogging is a platform for everyone, whether you’re an organization or individual.


Though it’s already proven that blogs is a very effective means of circulating data online especially if it is made by professional web designers, bloggers still needs to face cumbersome circumstances just to gain high traffic for their blogs. You will surely find a lot of companies offering search engine optimization to boost the traffic in your site yet you will need to pay that required amount of money. That’s a huge investment to start with and small time bloggers can extract that huge amount of money.

Luckily, we have here a compilation of useful techniques to help your blog gain more traffic.

  1. Topical and Interesting Posts

If you want readers to notice your posts, aside from hiring professional graphic designers, you can have something that’s up-to-date and interesting for your target audience. If you can strike a chord to captivate the attention of your viewers, then traffic will come along automatically.


  1. Organize Contests In Your Blog

Online users love to win anything online. Use this advantage to gain more traffic in your site without paying for a SEO expert.


  1. Maintain Quality While Increasing Frequency

To drive more traffic to your site, you need to hire excellent graphics design Dubai and increase your blog frequency without sacrificing the quality of your content. Make sure to proofread your write ups before posting it to avoid grammar mistakes and becoming the subject of ridicule.


  1. Keep Your Design Simple

Intimidating your visitors with high-end designs and graphics might end up freaking them out. Keep your design simple yet elegant to maintain better User Experience.

Following those techniques above will ensure the stability of the traffic in your site. Make sure to apply each one of them in your blog instead of hiring SEO experts. You can also have website design Dubai to maximize your site traffic.

23 tips for getting more traffic to your site

Here are some ideas for how to get more traffic to your blog (click the links for more helpful resources).

  1. Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.
  2. Write shorter posts.
  3. Blog consistently.
  4. Write less.
  5. Be a resource.
  6. Use trackbacks.
  7. Organize your posts with lists and subheads.
  8. Get on Twitter. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.
  9. Link out to other sites (but only ones that will help people).
  10. Share your content on Facebook (and ask your friends to share it, too).
  11. Write stuff people will want to link to.
  12. Ask questions.
  13. Be funny.
  14. Be clever.
  15. Be remarkable.
  16. Request a link from someone else to a blog post.
  17. Do some public speaking.
  18. Write attractive headlines.
  19. Optimize your site for search engines.
  20. Deliver killer content.
  21. Guest post on someone else’s blog.
  22. Write in the second person (“you” not “me”).
  23. Tell stories.

Any serious blogger will eventually hit a plateau and need some help extending her platform beyond its initial reach.

This happens to all of us. And there’s nothing wrong with asking the question: “How can I get more traffic?” (Just make sure that your motive is to help and not merely to make you famous.)

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