Appropriate Typography For Web Design

Even the smallest things in your website design Dubai can affect the overall performance of your site. Most web designers disregard the effects of inappropriate typography to the User Experience of a website. If you’ve visited certain website with excellent design but failed typography, the entire result will be unattractive.


Though mostly disregarded, these typography tips should still be given proper attention because readability is very important to a website.

Simple Fonts

This is one of the greatest mistakes of typography for web design Dubai – too extravagant fonts. There are online users who prefer decorative fonts yet other find it hard to read. Keeping your fonts simple doesn’t mean it’s boring, just let the brilliant thoughts in your writing show off!


As mentioned above, website text should be readable and color also contributes to that. Proper color combination should be incorporated to your site for improved readability. Avoid using flashy color combinations because it is headache-inducing. Also, those text that don’t compliment with the background of website design Dubai will surely cause eyestrain. The recommended color for the text on websites are black, gray, and white.

Serif or Sans-serif?

What font to use, serif or sans-serif? Serif fonts contain small accents located at the ending point for every letter stroke. On the other hand, sans-serif don’t have these features. Examples of serif fonts are Times New Roman and Georgia, for sans-serif fonts examples are Verdana and Arial.

Line Spacing

Line spacing or just leading is the amount of white space situated between every text. Take note that insufficient amount of spacing results to squished-like blocks of text. To promote website readability for web design Dubai, adjust the line spacing to 120% to 150%. It is also advisable to experiment with the line spacing so you can get the exact one for you.


Website design Dubai is a complicated field to venture. You need to adjust more often so as to meet the needs of you clients and cope with the growing trends of web design.


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