Fix The Errors In Your Web Design Dubai Before It Becomes Too Late!

Websites are established to basically engage users into acquiring the products and services in your site. Web design Dubai is very important to attain the ultimate goal of acquiring a dashing ROI. For those unsuccessful web designs, users get to feel aggravated which in return impacts huge losses in the web owner’s side.

There are several reasons why a website fail in different aspects. But the Frontier among all of these are inappropriate color choices, too many commercials and popups, noisy background, incorrect font size, and text-rich sites.

Inappropriate Color Choices

Most websites fail because of this reason; inappropriate color choices. Modifying the website when designing is the best way to avoid the use of inappropriate color choices. Colors should complement one another to achieve the perfect background for your site. And web designer Dubai exceptionally does these things.


Too Many Commercials and Popups

For many years, this is considered as one of the problems and source of annoyance towards online users; too many commercials and popups. It is understandable that these commercials and popups are the ones providing income to your site. But web owners should be responsible in its number so as to avoid generating annoyance and eventually lost of customers.


Noisy Background

Nobody likes noisy website backgrounds. If really like to play loud music, then you can turn on your radio at home instead of creating noisy background to your website.


Incorrect Font Size

Some sites contain too small font size, other are too big for small screen gadgets. These incorrect font sizes will impact to your UI so it is just right to pick the right ones for your Dubai web design & development company.


Boring Text-rich Sites

For many years, text-rich sites are gaining less popularity because of the rise of modern and more futuristic sites that mainly focuses on images and graphics, especially from Dubai web designers. So for you to cope with this latest trend, you should properly incorporate images and other graphics to your site.


Avoiding those reasons in staging bad website will result to increases sales. Graphic designer Dubai does all wonderful things with your site, so be sure to employ them. No one wants to visit a frustrating website since there are a bunch of other site worth venturing anyway.

Why Most Websites Fail and What To Do About It

What goes terribly wrong with most websites and a comprehensive 3-phase strategy to fix what’s brokenWhy Most Websites Fail From A Technical Perspective Graphic

Most websites fail miserably at the only thing they were ultimately designed to do: Generate sales.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on where your website stands, most websites fail because of one simple reason:

They were created BACKWARDS.

Let me explain what I mean with the graphic below from a leadership perspective (a graphic on the technical perspective follows later in the post):

Ready: We need a website

    • You quickly bought a domain name without thought to branding, ease of use, or SEO. So what if your domain name has 3 hyphens in it and is 70 characters long? Customers will easily remember it and search engines will love it.
    • You then hired a cheap designer, purchased a web “pro” package, or asked someone you know personally or within the company to create a website mock-up.
    • Next, you looked up some competitor’s websites and keywords (or skipped this step entirely), and other sites that you thought looked good and copied what they were doing.
    • In your infinite wisdom, you and your “team” decided that the “Buy Now” button should be purple and in 4 places on every page and that your navigational bar should contain precisely 20 drop down menus, along with other cool design features your “team” thought were vital.
    • Your mock up was “good enough,” approved, and was then sent to the programming “team” to code.
    • The site had bugs and flaws, but you had to launch.

Fire: We need more traffic

    • You were excited about the new launch…but then what? Oh yeah, you needed traffic!
    • So your business reached out to everyone you and your “team” knows in an effort to drum up buzz and go viral: friends, family, colleagues, and other websites and businesses, but for some reason it didn’t work.
    • You then decided to try this whole “social media” thing because that was absolutely guaranteed to work. After all, your kids are on there all the time, and last you heard, Facebook had over 1 Billion folks using it.
    • Next, you threw money at the wall like spaghetti to see what would stick — PPC ads, Print, Directories, Paid Links, Content Creation, E-mail marketing, and more — oh my!
    • The site still wasn’t really getting the traffic you expected, but all this “hard work” started to pay off — you were now seeing incremental traffic — but it was costing you.

Fire Again: The traffic isn’t converting

    • Something just wasn’t right. You were spending a lot of money and time on traffic and lead generation, but what little you got didn’t pay off and certainly wasn’t returning your initial investment.
    • You and your “team” read some blogs about SEO, Internet marketing and sales strategies.
    • Your “team” then decided that the “Buy Now” button should instead be red and be included in 2 more places on every page.
    • You changed the images you were using on your home and product pages.
    • You modified your META tags and added some ALT tags to your pages.
    • You stepped up and hired a friend or asked someone internal to rewrite the ad copy on the site.
    • You added a Verisign, or BBB logo to your checkout page.
    • You lowered your prices — then raised them again.
    • You offered coupons, specials and other discounts.
    • You started sending out 3 newsletters a week instead of 1.
    • Unfortunately, even with all these awesome improvements, your site still wasn’t converting sales — at least not enough to justify this whole “Internet marketing” thing.
    • You decided to turn everything off, reevaluate the situation and devote your time and money to other initiatives.

Aim: We need to redesign our entire online presence…

    • After staring at the same old, tired, worn and cash-draining website, you realize you need help.
    • You look around for experts to help you and come to understand that you did everything backwards.
    • You wonder how much time and money it’s going to take to fix your online presence…

By the time a company reaches out for help (once they realize that they aren’t experts and what they did is not working) the entire strategy needs to be pretty much executed from the ground up at a huge cost to the business — which is why they so often put it off as long as humanly possible.

If you’re reading this right now, you know who you are.

Full article here :


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