Ways on How 5G Will Help Improve The Web Development in Dubai

The recent rollout of 4G network helped improve the digital marketing companies in Dubai in the past few years. It is known to all that the marketing efforts nowadays mainly focuses on the usage of mobile apps and so forth. With 5G’s technology, this is such an obvious technique that will push forward the advancement for digital marketers.


Though this technology is considered to be in its first stages of development, 5G promises to achieve reliable connections, fast data transfer, and opens up possibilities for the ‘internet of things’ with devices and alerts connected to it. With all these advancements, it will simply lead to exciting possibilities of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

  1. The Internet of Things will be connected

Most people believe that the 5G network is connected to the ‘internet of things’. If this happens, the devices being used every day will thoroughly communicate with each other through the advancement of this superfast network in a way that each one of us dreams to achieve.

  1. Extra fast download speed

The most common problem encountered by internet users is the slow download speed of the internet. But with 5G, everything will become faster especially if you want to use the services of Skype or sending and downloading files. This become very useful to web development in Dubai.

  1. Real-time transfer of data

While almost all large mobile application development and mobile companies such as Samsung, Nokia Networks, Ericson and others are already working to stabilize the 5G network. During its arrival, all the latest technology such as video chats and virtual reality will all be very handy.

  1. Fast connection will be maintained even during big events

Everyone might have experienced slow internet connection during some big events. But with 5G network, the connection will still be fast and stable. Marketing companies in Dubai will be able to do their job efficiently.

Citing all those things above proves to show that every little thing in this world will go smoothly once the 5G network comes in handy. Website design Dubai will surely gain benefits with it.

What is 5G? 5G vs 4G and the future of mobile networks

What is 5G? Everything you need to know

If you live in one of the more populated areas of the UK, the chances are you have access to a 4G network – at least some of the time. But what’s next for mobile connectivity?

Why, 5G of course!

The next generation of mobile network has a long way to go before it’s a reality, but tests and plans are underway to set the terms for such an upgrade. In fact, they’ve been going on for years.

Here’s the current lowdown on 5G


Estimates have varied over recent years, but some of the industry’s established players can give us an idea of where 5G’s at.

We’ve actually seen claimed speeds of 7.5Gbps from Samsung and 10Gbps from Nokia (these days quite the network infrastructure specialist), while this time last year the University of Surrey managed to obtain a staggering 1Tbps – the same capacity as fibre optics. For a wireless network connection. Mental.

However, all of these tests were conducted under laboratory conditions. What we need in estimating the final speed of a 5G network is a practical field test.

Back in October we reported on just such tests conducted by China’s Huawei and Japan’s NTT Docomo network. They had managed to hit peak data speeds of 3.6Gbps using a sub-6GHz band.

Compare that to the 300Mbit/s currently offered by EE’s LTE-A network, and you’ll see that we’re talking about a 12-fold speed increase over 4G here.

A realistic, nicely rounded final figure for 5G speeds, then, could be in the region of 10Gbps.

Full article here: http://snip.ly/ui93q


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