It Won’t Be Nice For Every Dubai Web Designers To Hear These Three Examples of Bad Feedback From Clients

Every web designer and digital marketing companies in Dubai wants to impress their clients. Their remarks play a huge role in developing self-esteem towards every completed project. Whether you’re an agency or a freelance designer, meeting the needs and wants of your client serves as the ultimate goal.

However, not all clients are kind enough to leave positive remarks for the tasks done by their web designers and mobile application development team. Some clients are direct to the point and empathetic. These three examples of bad feedback will make you want to cry in frustration.

“I don’t like your work!”

You were able to spend long hours for that particular project. You’ve strive so hard just to meet the deadline without compromising the quality. But you still ended up with the terrifying statement “I don’t like your work!”

This very few words could strike like a bullet to the web designer’s heart. Maybe the best thing to do to avoid receiving this feedback is to know more the likes and dislikes of your client before even starting your design plans for web development in Dubai.

“I want to modify the branding”

No one is faster than a client wanting to change the branding. This thing is quiet frustrating especially if you have establish your plans and every single detail that corresponds to it. The only good thing about this is when your client offers you extra charge for the additional work you’ve made.

“More list items, reduce the spacing”

Since clients, and so with marketing companies in Dubai, like to have easy access to everything in a site, it is particularly common to hear them requesting for additional list items. Just be sure that the design would still be user-friendly.

There’s a big tendency that you can avoid hearing this heart-wrenching feedback if you will have proper conversation with your client at the start of the project. It is also important to have constant communication so you can share the progress of your website design Dubai to your clients.


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