Three Principles That Helps Develop Stable User Experience Through Navigation

not sure where to start with? Then maybe you are entitled to have some guidance when it comes to user experience through the use of navigation to achieve the best web and graphic design Dubai.

We are going to tackle three principles to attain three principles to attain the best user experience through navigation.

  • Information Architecture
  • Navigation structures should be identifiable and consistent
  • There’s a reasonable number of navigation options

What does “Navigation” means when pertaining to Digital Products?

“Navigation” is the term used to pertain the means of how users move from a specific site or application, say Dubai web designers. There are two components of navigation – “way finding” and “sign posting”.

Principle #1: Information Architecture

The Information Architecture of a website should align with the overall user mental models. One can properly design navigation after defining the Information Architecture. You can organize the pages in your website that falls in different categories using a card sort. Fortunately, there are number of tools that helps you define the overall structure of your site.

Principle #2: Navigation Structures should be identifiable and consistent

Ask these questions: Are the things in your website situation in there right place? Is there clarity and consistency with the structure?

User experience is defined as the overall experience of users in your website. Dubai web design & Development Company sees to it that only best user experience is given to their users.

Principle #3: There a reasonable number of navigation options

There should be approximately 5-7 items used in one time. The number of options in an interface product should be limited to minimum number of items. Providing more than the minimum amount will create confusion to your users which Dubai web designer can’t allow to happen.


The principle of User Experience through navigation vary in numbers. Before you can finally say that you’ve properly understood the concept of user experience using navigation, you first need to comprehend its principle and heuristics. When properly done, it will result to great design practices and evaluation of existing products from web design Dubai.

4 Creative Navigation UI Patterns for Great UX

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if users can’t find their way around it.

Luckily, navigation UI patterns are a shortcut for good website usability.531148_b0a2_4.jpg

UI patterns do wonders for learnability, since there’s less your user has to figure out on your site. Just think of the top navigation bar: if you see words spaced out on the top of the screen, they instinctively know they’re internal links.

The problem with patterns is that it’s hard to stand out when you’re doing the same thing everyone else is doing. But you don’t want to deviate too far from functionality with something as important as navigation. You need to find that sweet spot right between familiarity and creativity.

First, and most important, a navigation system must be simple. Without exception, every site should have the simplest structure possible. Just as your site should only include as little pages as possible, make sure your navigation is as unintrusive as possible. Good navigation should feel like an invisible hand that guides the user along their journey.

Pattern #1: Vertical Navigation Menu

It’s so simple and easy, and yet most sites don’t even consider it: if you want all the usability of a horizontal menu bar but with a unique spin, simply turn it vertical.

Pattern #2: Long Scrolling

With the increased popularity of scrolling, sites with most of their content on a single page are appearing more and more – though not nearly as much as the traditional separate-page format. That makes this a good time to try the one-page long scrolling pattern, as it still feels new, but is familiar enough that users understand how it works.

Pattern #3: Single Option Home Page

The single option home page pattern gives you the most control over your user’s first move because there’s only one option.

This pattern works perfectly with the long scroll mentioned above, as the only option is to scroll down. The single option home page can also act as an entry point to the rest of a multi-page site.

Pattern #4: Full-Screen Navigation

For simplicity and ease-of-use, bigger is sometimes better.

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