Website Design Tips For Your Online Store

According to many, online shopping is the fastest and most convenient way to buy your most desired stuff online and graphic designer Dubai should cope with it. This is indeed a real fact because just with a few clicks, you can be able to acquire almost anything you can find in physical stores into online However, you should not rely on the huge demand for online stores and just rest with the idea that a successful online store is not just about luck but also about the designing strategy. Magically, your web design has the power to increase your search engine rank and could bring forth prospective clients. These

  1. Appearance conveys more than words can tell

When a visitor gets to your site, the first thing that leaves the first impression is the appearance. That’s the basic concept of a website. Yes! Your website’s appearance is something that’s very important but the user experience is also needed.

  1. Leave good impression to your audience visually

Whatever products or services that you have in there, you need to leave some good impression towards your visitors. Those products or services that you have will remain in the thoughts of your prospective clients anywhere they go, despite all the other competitors online. Web development in Dubai does that tactic.


  1. Target the exact thought for each of your content

Be precise in everything you do to your online store. It is very important to keep the content in your site direct to the point. This way, you can provide better user experience for your visitors just like with digital marketing professionals in Dubai, without wasting much of their time reading lengthy content in your site.


  1. Develop a user-friendly site

For online stores and Dubai web designer, it is very important to have a user-friendly site mainly to attract more visitors. The more responsive your site does, the more clients would love to transact business with you.



The bottom line of this article are these things; appearance, responsiveness, content and user experience. All these things especially Dubai Web Design & development company make up a good online shop. If you still haven’t incorporated these things into your site, then you should start doing each one of it NOW!


The Ultimate, Epic Guide to Create a Successful Online Business in 2016


E-commerce is hotter than ever right now, but what are the numbers attached to this exponential growth? Well, in 2017, e-commerce sales are estimated to reach around $434 billion, and this is the US alone. Customers are going online to shop and more recently they started doing that right from their smartphones, so in the near future, these numbers will grow even more. If you want to sell, you need customers and those customers want new, innovative products and a website that lures them to keep on browsing.

These e-commerce strategies will help you develop a sustainable tactic and focus on what you should do to succeed, from targeting the right customer to having a kick-ass social media strategy.

Table of Contents

0. The infographic
1. Make an amazing first impression
2. Why photos matter
3. Improve your site’s navigation
4. Have a unique idea
5. Craft a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
6. Start blogging
7. Create a mind-blowing About Us page
8. Develop a successful SEO strategy
9. Target the right visitor with the right product
10. Use Live Chat to help potential customers make faster decisions
11. To coupon or not to coupon
12. Improve shopping cart experience
13. Develop a successful shipping strategy
14. Ask for feedback
15. Rethink your newsletter approach
16. Show people your site is secure and trustworthy
17. Use the power of Social Media to promote yourself
18. Implement an Affiliate Program for your store
19. Don’t neglect mobile users
20. Choose the perfect e-commerce platform for your store

Full article here :


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