Enjoy The Fruitful ROI From Your Marketing Efforts Through These 4 Effective Ways

Studies show that effectiveness of content marketing is slowly dropping for B2B companies each year. The problem with these companies is that, they can’t actually make content marketing and web designer in Dubai work for their advantage.roi-image.jpg

Using these four ways, you can actively boost your ROI for your content marketing efforts.

Documented Strategy

Lack of documented strategy: that is indeed the reason behind the dropping effectiveness rate of content marketing.

Statistically, 60% of companies that utilizes documented strategy reported success towards their marketing efforts, 32% used verbal strategy and 7% used no strategy, all of which reported success.

This goes to show that documented strategy and web solution Dubai are definitely the key to enjoying a bountiful ROI in any marketing efforts.

Resource Articles

Believe it or not, resource articles work like magic. It’s the best type of article you can write to boost your ROI. If you wanted to see it yourself, you will find that without fail, logo designer Abu Dhabi and resource articles will be the never ending source of site traffic.

Content Upgrades for Articles

If you’re in the content marketing business for years, you’ll comprehend that it’s not the traffic that could be the source of your bread and butter but your conversions. It’s your sales that matters most and the primary source of income. Content upgrades is your way to get your customers sign up with your offers.

Content Upgrades for Guest Posts

If the idea of using content upgrades for your articles caught you instantly, you should also try to incorporate it with your guest posts. This idea is also referred to as Expanded Guest Post.

The concept of this Expanded Guest Post is fairly easy; readers get to have incentives after reading your content. This idea is a sure hit amongst your readers and to digital marketing companies in Dubai.


For you to acquire success in content marketing, you should properly strategize using documented strategy. The suggestions offered above are very effective for mobile application development especially when used wisely.

How Effective is Your Current Online Marketing Strategy

The first step to a successful online marketing strategy is looking closely into the overall requirements of your company. More often than not, however, the effectiveness of a marketing strategy is offset by the inability to measure up what is really required. In some cases, it might even be counterproductive: which is why it is the CMO’s job to tackle efficiency questions for the best results. In this article, let us explore some of the yardsticks by which to measure the effectiveness of your current online strategy.

What kind of campaigns are you running?

Different kinds of campaigns have different rates of success, depending on the nature of the company, product, targeted customer and various other factors. You may have email marketing campaigns, newsletter marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, online advertising campaigns running parallel to each other, but it is important to ask a few questions about your campaign before continuing in the same old direction.

What are the tools that are used to measure the ROI of campaigns?

ROI is often taken as the proof of an effective marketing plan, and it can be measured quite easily with a few effective tools. Metrics that can help measure ROI from social media and elsewhere include:

Goals for conversion
Rates of Conversion
A/B tests

Simple Steps for Effective online marketing strategies

Market Identifiers
Content Strategies
Marketing Techniques
How to track marketing techniques

By doing this, you open up potential communication links with your customers and stand a better chance of retention. For instance, a feedback form can be an essential part of tracking the efficacy of a marketing strategy.

Full article here : http://snip.ly/atn8g


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