Disturbing Elements of Responsive Web Designs That Should Be Fixed Instantly

Responsive web design from web design company in Dubai has gained popularity among web designers because it is easier to manipulate and works with different screen sizes. But there are still certain elements that’s keeping responsive web designs closer to the hearts of internet users, precisely mobile users.


Popup ads

Web designers from design services in Dubai and popup ads have this love-hate relationship but still they mostly meet each along the way. Desktop users always have an option to just simply close down popup ads but mobile users aren’t that lucky. Just as what you have noticed when you visit a site with ads not properly optimized for mobile users, you will really have to zoom out your screen just to find the close button.

This issue is easily fixed through setting the popup box to 100% in width, and not the fixed width option. This way, you can assure that the size of your ads will adjust to the screen size.


Small buttons

Responsive designs always have this risk of acquiring smaller-than-usual navigational elements. Make sure to set your CSS into 44 by 44 pixels and not lower.



Site owners and social media UAE assume that because their website is responsive, the zooming activity of their visitors are lowered. Truth is, not everyone have the same capability to read small text and images. Some people still have to zoom things so they can see it clearly. To make your site and logo design in Dubai more usable to all visitors, permit the use of zoom and ensure that the meta tag is set to “Yes”.



Mobile users and social media Middle East encounter this thing most of the time, it’s to navigate a site that’s not actually built for them. Responsive sites also encounter this problem when it comes to interactive buttons but recent web designs and logo design Abu Dhabi were able to address it clearly. Scrolling sites is the answer to this navigational issue. A visitor can scroll throughout the page without having to click navigational buttons.

The level of assurance set for desktop users should also be the same as with mobile users, especially for marketing companies in Dubai. If you’ve managed to notice, visitors mostly prefer to browse using mobile devices. This just means that web masters should adapt to this change for better user experience and accessibility.


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