SEO For E-Commerce Sites: Maximize Its Ability Through Confirming These Things

For your e-commerce business to live through the ever challenging online world, you need to specifically perform some audits aside from acquiring services from Dubai web designers before you can gain something useful out of your site. When auditing, you will need to do certain things to maximize the capability of your e-commerce business for SEO purposes.


1. Remove duplicate content

Duplicated content is always and forever will become a huge drawback to your site’s overall performance. Remove all these useless content through ensuring that everything in your site (including product description) is uniquely made by you and acquire the service by professional web designer Dubai. You can also utilize robots.txt to mark page areas that needs to be repeated or canonical tags for unintended duplication.

2. Proper usage of Canonical Tags

Canonical tags is responsible in telling Google which of a certain website contains permanent part in your site. You can easily utilize canonical tags then automatically, Google will set aside those pages, and same thing goes to mobile application development companies in Dubai.

3. Link Equity and Crawlability

You need to carefully understand the importance of balance when it comes to link equity and crawlability to perform necessary tasks to fit it together.

4. Paginate Categories

Product pages is the main culprit for pagination issues. Paginate is a must if you wanted your site to be visible by anyone but mobile development Dubai should be careful upon doing so since it will generally confuse Google.

5. Unique Sitemaps

You shouldn’t make Google do a lot of page crawling because if you do so, it will affect the visibility of your new product in search engines. Use sitemaps so Google can find your new products much faster.

6. Utilize Schema Markup

Schema won’t boost your rankings on Google or affects your site if you leave it as is. Instead, it helps users find relevant products in your site. You will achieve a better SEO this way.

Fixing and implementing certain issues above will be beneficial to your e-commerce site and for website design Dubai. Search Engine Optimization is the sole key in maximizing the overall performance of your website.


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