Website Background Design Inspiration Part 2

We’ve previously tackled the first part of our website background inspiration taken from web design services in Dubai and all of them were quite amazing. Here are another set of background design which will serve as an inspiration for your website design.



A digital marketing agency, similar to digital marketing companies in Dubai that focuses in a motion background, specifically parallax-style. As you scroll the page, a beautiful landscape appears.

Sara Tusar Suhadolc

Another site that uses vector shapes and graphics, Sara Tusar Suhadolc, did an impressive job with vectors. They were able to create variation using different colors in a single page. Anyone who is gifted with vector skills can certainly mimic its design in mobile application development to achieve higher levels of success.

GitHub Enterprise on AWS

Vectors is also used with GitHub Enterprise on Aws. This time, it’s all about vector clouds, carefully designed by web development in Dubai with network connections. Its design signifies the AWS hosting which is Cloud Computing.


A little birdhouse is the vector graphics being used in Birdboxx, mainly to signify their brand image. The natural green tones and small clouds made it more enticing and magnificent design aesthetics that should be used by mobile application development companies in Dubai.

Radu Ceuca

Radu mainly uses personal photos such as his desk and screenshot of his works. Visitors find it attractive to see personal photos and your achievements.

Design Studio

No doubt why this site have been drawing a lot of attention online especially inspiration galleries. The attention this site is getting is because of its beautiful background. Its background incorporates deep texture, somehow like a construction paper. The design flows throughout the whole site.

F5 Web Design

FFive has a very colorful background plus above-ground scenes (rainbows, birds and tress). As you go through the site, the background changes to outer space design which is really captivating and unique just like what Dubai web design & Development Company does.

Website design Dubai background is used to captivate visitors and create a lasting impression towards your site. It doesn’t need to be exceptionally extravagant, it just have to be attractive and properly arranged.


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