Amazing Inspiration For Your Web Design Backgrounds

Every website is categorized with unique styles and design properties to impress possible clients. Web development in Dubai are talented individuals who sees to it that your website does not only contain great and awesome backgrounds but also portray great user experience.

Though hiring web designer Dubai is a very good idea, you should still venture and see some awesome background inspiration for your website:

dConstruct 2015

Why dConstruct 2015 is considered as the favorite of many designers? Because it incorporates retro-futuristic design out of vector shapes and graphics. Digital marketing companies in Dubai should incorporate this futuristic design to their website.

Viget Inspire

Here’s another digital blog that incorporates large trees as their background. When you scroll down, you’ll see solid colors blending to its design, making it extra easy when applied to lengthy pages.

Boompa Records

Colorful gradients is the main focus of Boompa Records. Their homepage features changing colors which is really interesting. This changing color style is achieved through CSS gradients or tileable BG image. Mobile application development should take inspiration with these awesome website backgrounds.


An 8-legged cephalopod is what you’ll see in Sails.js. This vector graphic successfully defines their website branding and it is located in the header/footer. It doesn’t feature so many crazy effects yet the octopus is enough to build awareness to their viewers. Brand awareness is also very important for logo design in Dubai.

Old Loft

Vector animals is also used as brand recognition for Old Loft website and website design Dubai. Everything you can see here is fun and light. Shapes and gradients are applied here to promote depth in the layout. Old loft has long been defunct, yet their website remained online because of all their useful backlinks pertaining to their high standard background design.

Background designs create the first impression of possible clients. Especially if you are a web design company in Dubai, giving your site a unique and lasting impression is a MUST. There’s no need to showcase extravagant designs, only the ones that will encrypt brand awareness is ultimately enough.


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