Trendy WordPress Tools For 2016 | Web Design Company in Dubai

Web Design Company in Dubai are looking out for new strategies related with WordPress this 2016. Different trendy designs such as the ones mentioned below will give you the hint on what plugin to choose this 2016.


  • Galleries and Slideshows

As they say, virtual interaction attracts more audience than mere words. This 2016, it’s a wise decision to provide visuals for your WordPress that’s appealing and unique. An example to the website design Dubai is the WordPress Portfolio Gallery theme. It showcases different themes that will surely top this 2016.

  • Social Media Platforms

There’s no doubt that social media is becoming one of the main source of engaging content and a sure way of disseminating word regarding your blog. Posting to social media should never be taken for granted and it’s all possible through the WordPress plugin Simple Share Buttons Adder.

  • Responsive Design

Responsiveness is not a new thing when it comes to web design so we should say that everyone seems to be familiar with it, but is taken for granted most of the time. Thanks to this plugin, WordPress Slider WD, responsiveness is a lot easier to handle compared to the previous years. It is also compatible with mobile devices and mobile development Dubai.

  • Typography

The perception of the audience impacts the overall performance of your website. Though there are a lot of fonts out there, something that’s simple yet easy to integrate is still the best option. Easy Google fonts will provide you with 700 fonts that you can choose from.

  • Long Scrolling

This technique is being implemented by numerous websites because of the increasing demand for mobile usability. Thus creating impact to the overall

  • Hidden Menus

Hidden menus will make site spacious and overall cleaner look. This type of menu is becoming more popular and is being used by most WordPress users. This trendy way of hiding bunch of menus is really great.

  • Live Chat

Staying in touch with your clients and visitors will boost user experience in your site. A live chat that enables your visitors to ask queries about your site is a good strategy for your website reputation and overall sales. Also, consider your mobile users since they drag more traffic to your site more than desktop users.


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