Kinds of Mobile Gestures For Great User Experience

Mobile development Dubai is known in producing multiple useful apps for daily use. Because of that, the use of mobile is becoming the choice of modern users nowadays, and gestures should be understood to enhance your mobile activity. Mobile is entirely built through gestures. Because of that, it is just right to know the different kinds of touch mechanics.


Kinds of Touch Mechanics

  • Tapping

A single tap to the screen will open your email or other app in your mobile.

  • Double-tapping

Tapping the screen two times is called double tapping. This gesture is zoom things in your mobile.

  • Swiping

After the two basic gesture, we will proceed to swiping. It’s the thing you do when opening the lock screen of an iPhone.

  • Dragging

This gesture is used to transfer apps from one screen to another.

  • Flinging

Flinging is a bit similar to swiping and dragging. It has a similar touch mechanics as swiping, but in a different speed. You will have to swing your fingers very fast to perform this gesture. It is used to delete someone’s profile picture on Twitter.

  • Long Pressing

It involves touching the screen, holding for a while and lifting the screen. This gesture results to opening a copy box that will allow you to copy a written content in your mobile.

  • Long Pressing and Dragging

It is already mentioned above how you can do long press and dragging, this time, you will have to do the gesture together. It will allow you to reorder and arrange app, which are mostly developed by mobile app development Dubai.

  • Double-tapping & Dragging

Press your finger on your mobile screen then lift. Do the action again, then move. After that, lift your finger. This gesture will allow you to zoom a content with one area and zoom out the previous screen from another area.

  • Pinch-Open

Press the screen of your phone simultaneously using both your fingers. After that, move your fingers on the opposite direction. This will zoom your screen.

  • Pinch-Closed

Doing the opposite gesture as with pinch-open will allow you to zoom out screen

  • Tapping using two fingers

This will also zoom out content.

  • Swiping or Dragging using two fingers

It is done to tilt and choose multiple elements.

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