The Complete Process of Creating A Successful Logo Design in Dubai For Your Business

A logo, especially from logo design Dubai, should be timeless and should grow with your company’s goals and perspectives without too much words.

Here is a breakthrough of the entire process of logo design at web design Dubai to ensure its clients that their needs has been fully understood.


Step 1. Discussion

Everything starts with a thorough discussion. It should focus upon the client’s preference and expectations. During this step, clients are supposed to share their likes and dislikes toward a specific logo.

Ultimate Goal: To basically raise flags upon the general look of your logo, and the focus design as well.

Step 2. Logo Exploratory

After the discussion with the client, the next step will be the logo exploratory. Gathering previously made logos and accessing each one of them as to what will meet customer’s satisfaction is the highlight of this step.

Ultimate Goal: To acquire specific reactions towards the development of client’s preferred logo.

Step 3. Word Clouds

The next step will be the creation of the keyword cloud. Write down all the objectives you have in mind towards the logo. In this stage, the emotion and the message of the logo should be evoked.

Ultimate Goal: To determine the exact concept of the logo which will materialize soon.

Step 4. Research and Design


The keywords specified by the client during the discussion stage should be examined to successfully define the significant meaning each logo should portray. This is also the stage of design making.

Ultimate Goal: To look for significant meaning in each logo and produce images that reflect the company’s goals.

Step 5. The First Presentation

This first presentation is the first actual glance of the newly-developed logo. Clients can now freely suggest improvements to the logo.

Ultimate Goal: To achieve unbiased opinion towards clients, logo designers and logo design Dubai.

Step 6. Color Choice

This is not just simply choosing your favorite color for your company logo, it’s eventually more than that. The right and appropriate color that communicates and portraits the branding plays a vital role in achieving the right logo for your company.

Ultimate Goal: To pick the right color that expresses the underlying message of your brand.

Step 7. Building Brand Awareness

Usually, the process of logo creation is completed within two weeks. Clients are then provided with their company logo fully-packed with a logo design that basically represents their entire brand identity. Remember that a good logo should effectively exemplify brand credibility and awareness just like in mobile application development.


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