Mobile Marketing Strategies For The New Year

Mobile application development companies in Dubai is taking its all to cope up with the vastly growing mobile marketing competition. If you still haven’t ventured in that field up to this day, then you are making a wrong move towards business success. These mobile marketing strategies will prove you that mobile marketing is the newest trend this New Year!


Mobile Payments

No one can deny the fact that mobile payment is totally the best example of convenience. A research team, Gartner, sees that by 2017, approximately 50% of the entire United States digital ecommerce income will generally come from mobile. This statistics is proclaimed due to increasing mobile payment platform including Apply Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Play by Google.


App Indexing

App Indexing re-engages an existing app to Google Search for Android and iOS. Google has long since announced this latest innovation yet mobile application development teams only recently saw the potential of app indexing. Actually, indexed apps prominently shows up in mobile searches which is a good advantage for your Google rankings.


Social Buy Buttons

Aside from the fact that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are extremely popular and influential mobile apps, by 2016, these platforms will soon introduce social buy buttons. Expect to see more from it in 2016.


Snapchat Marketing

Mobile app development Dubai together with the thousands of advertisers was taken aback by the “Discover” feature of Snapchat. This feature allows you to gain access to the photos and videos of major brands. In 2016, it is expected that Snapchat will find its way to surpass its initial success with their “Discover” feature.



Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

We all know the fact that mobile site is the key player when it comes to mobile marketing for many years. But expect a change this year! Mobile apps will surpass mobile sites and will claim its seat as the mobile marketing key planner.


Though there are new and latest innovation in mobile marketing expected to roll out in 2016, the biggest among all of these is the mobile purchase. But then, expect more digital strategies because mobile app development Dubai together with all the other app developers will innovate more ways to make life more convenient.


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