How To Master SEO In 2016


Search Engine Optimization involves a lot of editing and indexing activities. It requires a lot of effort, but the sad thing is that; SEO is constantly changing. You’ve practiced certain tips and tricks for a web design company in Dubai in the previous year but it might not work that great this year. Trying something new will open another opportunity to uplift your online rankings. These tactics will benefit your site this 2016:

What is the emerging trend for SEO in 2016?

Mobile Optimization will take the center stage this 2016. It shows that webmasters who neglect optimizing their site for mobile devices and mobile application development will most likely to achieve a limited reach. This will create a huge impact to their online rankings. This just goes to show that mobile devices has now surpassed desktop computers when it comes to the number of users every day.

How will social media impact SEO this year?

Because of the growing number of social media platforms offering real time news and updates, it will be much more challenging for blogs with pop-ups and other distracting banner ads to gain more site viewers. This will create pressure to competing sites and digital marketing companies in Dubai because everyone is indeed rooting to rank high in search engines.

What are the other ways social media could possibly impact SEO this year?

You will most likely see updates from social media sites in search results. This year will be more challenging for brands who are hoping to get more traffic through their marketing efforts and marketing companies in Dubai.

What are the possible kinds of technological innovations that could impact SEO this year?

Micro-local is the technological innovation this 2016. Because of the emergence of advanced technology and wearable gadgets, marketers should be more focused in geo-targeting to cope up with search rankings.

What are the possible complications that may arise for digital marketers?

Competition, of course, is the greatest complication digital marketing companies in Dubai will face this year. The pressure also goes to SEO professionals who’s trying to cope up with content marketing.


How can digital marketers face competition?

There are couple of things a digital marketer can do to cope up with tight competition online. The first thing to do is to learn more about micro-niche targeting that specifically targets certain circle of people. Also, longtail keywords will give you an edge towards competitors.

Great opportunities knock only once. For this 2016, don’t stick to methods you’ve already used before. There are a lot more in store, you just have to be acknowledge changes.


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