Choosing The Best Programming Languages For Mobile Development

The kind of language you choose for your mobile development in Dubai influences either your success or mere frustration.


  1. HTML5

For Web-fronted mobile devices, HTML5 is the best option. With HTML5, you can easily insert different types of data, justify input parameters, allows you to manage multiple accounts for variety of screen sizes and a lot more.


It is a good choice of primary language because the learning point is much shallow.


It is still a projected standard supported by numerous browsers.

2. Java

Java is established by Sun Microsystems but currently owned by Oracle. It is a programming language basically object-oriented and frequently used across mobile application development companies in Dubai.


It is flexible enough to be used in 2 different ways; through browser window or virtual machine.


This is not a good option if you’re targeting iOS platform.

3. C ++

It is mainly used for Android and Windows app platforms.


C ++ is used in almost every existing platform and its language is pretty much well-known.


Not trendy and modern style.

4. Objective-C

It is the primary mobile programming language of Apple. It does many similar tasks to C++.


Objective-C also has display functions and mainly deals with graphics.


Apple replaced it with Swift.

5. Swift

The latest programming language used by Apple is Swift which works alongside with Objective-C. If you are starting to develop apps for iOS, you should consider using Swift because it will become the primary development language for iOS.

6. C#

For the Microsoft universe, C# plays the role as the primary programming language for mobile development.

If you’re planning to develop mobile apps for Windows platform, then C# should be your development language.

So what’s The Best?

So to answer the queries of many as to what’s the best for their mobile application development? The answer would perfectly be “it depends”. There’s a designated app for every mobile platform you desire to venture. You just need to develop a future-proofed app and understand the needs of your users without sacrificing your budget’s target.


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